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So Long JPG

January 3, 2009

There goes another one.  Found an email in my inbox from the editor of JPG Magazine, saying that they’re shutting down operations as of Monday January 5th.  Even more good news for aspiring photographers trying to get their work seen.  I wasn’t lucky enough to be published in an issue, but I’ve had a fair amount of interest in my work through their website.  So it was a positive experience for me and I hope something comes through that will let them continue.

Hello 2009

December 31, 2008


Another holiday snowstorm has me staying in for New Years and thinking about the summer.  This photograph was taken at Hazard Rock in Narragansett, RI, a place with pounding surf and treacherous rocks.  The plant and it’s reflection in this peaceful pool of water seems out of place in its environment.  You can vote for this photo at JPG Magazine.

From the Hip

November 9, 2008


Please vote for this photo at JPG Magazine.