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December 23, 2013


window of an abandoned house in ND.


Update 07/19

July 19, 2009


Something recent to show I haven’t stopped photographing.  I’ve got the Fine Art Nude class going on and I’m learning quite a lot.  I started looking through my shots from last week and I’m getting better.  That’s a big boost in confidence from my last shoot!  I’ve got one more class of shooting and we’re done.  Wish it was an 8 week class, so I’d have more time to find a model on my own.  It’s tough and with having so many things going on, I don’t think I’ll get that assignment done in the next two weeks. If anyone is in the Providence, RI area and would like to pose, you can contact me at the address on my About Me page.

This house is located in Wickford, RI and I just like shooting details of old architecture.  Taken with a Canon 40D and a 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 lens.