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Another Trip to the Woods

March 7, 2009


This one was taken on the same trip at the last post.  I brought the Polaroid to try out the Fuji Fp3000B film.  I bought the pack over a year ago and it’s been sitting in the back of my fridge while I’ve been going through my stash of expired Polaroid film.  So far, I think it holds up to what I liked about Polaroid 667 and seems to be a worthy replacement.

Taken with a Polaroid Model 250.

Old Car In The Woods

March 2, 2009


I’ve shot this old car in the woods on a number of occasions. It seems that no matter how many times I go back to a place, I can always find something I didn’t notice the last time. And I’m sure I’ll find something different next time I visit.  It was my first time using the Fuji Black & White film and I’m happy with the result.

Shot on Fuji FP3000B film with a Polaroid Model 250.

I Bought a Holga

February 14, 2009

After seeing the work some of my friends have done, I finally broke down and bought myself a Holga. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can create with it.  I’ve had my Polaroids for a few years now and with the film supplies starting to dry up, I’m looking at shifting to another format for my film explorations.  I’ve been really busy with a couple of projects and haven’t been able to post much.  I’ve got a lot of new work that I’ve got to sort through and I’ll be sure to post some here.